Tin Village

The Tin Village will return to the now permanent Liberty Barn and their hand-built wood fired clay oven. Plotgate Community Supported Agriculture will be encouraging children and adults to make their own delicious organic pizzas, with produce grown on their farm, in the hand-built woodkids area-fired clay oven.

There will be the Big Kids' Band Practice, Hapa Zome and lots of activities for children 

Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk are the keystone of the kids’ area promoting their long held belief in equality and co-operation through craft activities and collaborative games.

Face Painting

Beautiful face painting from the NASUWT stall.

Story Telling

Check out the Story Tent inlcuding Bedtime Stories

Drum Circle

Drum It Up bring fresh beats to the Kids Area, with high energy drum circle fun, rhythm games and inspiring learning and community activism through funky beats. Join in and create our own Kids Area rhythm which we can play on the big march on Sunday.

Wolly the Clown

Wolly will amaze and delight with his daringly daft and dangerous stunts.

Swap Shop

The BearCat Collective will bring the amazing Swap Shop to the kid’s area so bring along toys, clothes and nick nacks to swap and come away with something new to you.