The Festival offers groups an opportunity to promote their campaigns.They reflect a spectrum of views associated with the broad labour movement and are not necessarily the policies of the TUC. Abusive, offensive, overtly provocative or racist materials are not allowed. There is space for table-top stalls inside the large Martyrs' Marquee or for small gazebos outside but numbers are limited and the TUC will select stalls that suit the festival and offer a balance of subjects.

The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival also includes a range stalls selling gifts, clothing, books and other items. It particularly welcomes small independent traders selling quirky goods.

There are stalls offering plenty of food and drink stalls for all tastes. We try to get a balance of international food and cater for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free.


Campaign Stall Application (Fully booked a reserve list is now open) 

The diversity of stalls adds to the enjoyment of the event and helps promote progressive causes. The Festival has limited space and whilst all applications received by the deadline will be considered, we are unable to guarantee a stall.street

Priority is given to campaigns that are trade union backed and fall within the TUC’s campaigning objectives. The South West TUC reserves the right to refuse applications.

The decision of the South West TUC shall be final.

We are determined to reduce the quality of plastic waste at the festival and would urge all stall holders to consider the nature of any materials and giveaway items.  We will not accept stalls including materials that are designed to cause offense, are racist or anti-Semitic. 

Campaigning stall fees for 2019 

Inside marquee (Saturday/Sunday) will be £70 and include one vehicle pass

Outside marquee (Friday/Saturday/Sunday - supply own 3x3 marquee) will be £110 and include one vehicle pass

You will need to purchase entrance wristbands, tent or campervan spaces and additional parking space on the Tolpuddle Online Festival shop

After the closing date of 31 March 2019 you will be informed on whether your application have been approved by letter which will give you details regarding payment. 

Application is via the links below:

Stalls - Campaigning inside and outside marquee covering letter 

Stalls – Campaigning inside and outside marquee online application

Stalls – Campaigning inside and outside marquee printable form

Commercial Stall Application (not caterers)

Commercial stall fees for 2019 

The commerical stall fee will £150 which will inlcude one vehicle pass

You will need to purchase entrance wristbands, tent or campervan spaces and additional parking space on the Tolpuddle Festival shop from 1 April.

Once your application has been approved a confirmation letter will be sent in regards to timings and how to pay. Commercial stalls will be required to set up during 9am and 6pm on Thursday 18 July 2019.

Stalls - commerical (non food) covering letter

Stalls – commercial (non food) online applications

Stall - commerical (non food) printable form


Catering spots are now fully booked for 2019. To apply for the Tolpuddle Festival 2020 please email [email protected] with the following details:

Name of Caterer, type of food, where organisation is based, do you cook using LGP gas/generator/electricity, confirm all consumables you use are biodegradable, proof of registration with council and 'scores on the door' rating,  photos of your stall, overall footprint of your stall in metres (small sketch with what this includes: marquee/van/horsebox/trailer, kitchen, stock van, refridgerated trailer etc) and finally your menu with costs and whether gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian.