The Tolpuddle Martyrs were a group of agricultural labourers who were tried and transported to Australia for the 'crime' of trying to form a union. Their story is key to the formation of modern trades unionism.

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The Tolpuddle Boy by Alan James Brown

Transported to Hell and Back

It is 1834 and James Brine is bound for Australia on a convict ship. His crime is joining with other men to ask for fair pay. His punishment is transportation - seven long years far from everthing he knows and loves. Can James survive the hardship s of convict life? And will he ever see his beloved Elezabeth again?

The Tolpuddle Boy tells the story of James and the others from the small village of Tolpuddle, and expalins why they are still remembered today

101 Page paperback published by Fiveleaves


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